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Taxi Tours of St. Maarten / St. Martin

Taxi Tours of St. Maarten / St. Martin


*Never* take a cab that is not properly licensed. Legitimate Dutch Side cabs have license plates that read "Taxi" and French Side cabs read "Txi". If they don't have those plates, they are illegal, not properly insured, and they often charge high fees for bogus service. Don't risk it....


SXM's Best Taxi Drivers Give Great Tours, Reliable Arrivals, Reasonable Prices

Whether you're a first-time SXM visitor or have come here for years, there are many things you don't know about SXM. These taxi drivers live here and know practically everything and give the best tours. They can also take you anywhere in clean, comfortable vehicles.


Tour types: full island tours; beach tours; shopping tours; historical tours; etc. Just ask these drivers and you can get a full island tour or something else custom-tailored to what you desire.


Here are four of SXM's best taxi drivers; tell them Jeff Berger sent you:


a) Happy Harold, cell 555-5243, email lorna(at) (Taxi 87)


b) Maria Langlois, cells 587-9639 or 522-9639 (Taxi 122)


c) Reliable Rodney (Samuel Rodney Sr.), cells 580-2649 or 524-1202  (Taxi 39)


d) Juny Charles, phone 559-8755, email sxmtaxi_162(at)


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